Union Slough Auto Tour Route Open During Refuge Week

Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge is pleased to announce the auto tour route will be open
from Saturday, October 9th through Sunday, October 17th, 2021 in celebration of National
Wildlife Refuge Week. Visitors are welcome to drive the tour route from sunrise to sunset
during those dates. The auto tour route begins at the refuge headquarters and takes visitors along
a four and one-half mile drive of wetland, open water, and prairie habitat. Along the tour route, a
variety of wildlife including trumpeter swans, ducks, geese, river otters, bald eagles, great blue
herons, shorebirds, sandhill cranes, songbirds, and white-tailed deer may be seen. The refuge
pools have refilled following the drought and the reflooded vegetation is providing outstanding
habitat for thousands migrating waterfowl. In addition, the refuge habitats have turned to their
fall colors. Remember, wildlife is generally most active in early morning and in the evenings.
Although the Auto Tour Route is open, the Union Slough NWR Office itself is temporarily
closed for safety of staff and visitors as a public health precaution. Union Slough NWR is
located 6 miles east of Bancroft on County Road A-42. For further information, please call (515)
For more information on the Midwest Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service visit

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