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Hancock County Finds No Sanctuary in 2nd Amendment Resolution

Board Still Investigating Pros & Cons of S.A.S.

The term “Sanctuary”, a place where someone or something is protected, is concerning to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors as it relates to the Second Amendment Sanctuary (S.A.S.) which reinforces the inalienable right of its citizens to keep and bear arms for defense of life, liberty and property.

Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach

Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach says he is concerned about the use of the word “sanctuary”.

After Kossuth and several other counties in Iowa recently passed resolutions declaring themselves as S.A.S. Counties, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors is cautiously discussing the pros and cons of adopting a similar resolution.  So far, 14 out of 99 counties in Iowa have adopted pro-Second Amendment resolutions: Adams, Carroll, Chickasaw, Cedar, Clarke, Hardin Jasper, Kossuth, Madison, Mills, Mitchell, Pocahontas, Washington, and Wayne Counties. Winnebago County has already drafted a resolution that they will consider this week.

Hancock County Attorney Blake Norman informed the board that it cannot reject the enforcement of gun laws perceived to violate the second amendment, despite adopting an SAS resolution.


Hancock County Supervisor Gary Rayhons questions why a resolution should be limited to just the 2nd Amendment.

Hancock County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gary Rayhons
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