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Hancock County to Consider 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to consider issuing Improvement Certificates of Drainage for four different numbers from 482-485. The board will consider voting on such issuances for approval.

Hancock County Engineer Jeremy Purvis will present to the board a report on secondary roads in the county and discuss the handling of a County Line 28 Sharing agreement with Cerro Gordo County.

Area counties are considering a measure which promotes the right to bear arms. The Constitution of the United States provides that the people have the right to protect their lives and property by bearing arms. There are some who would like to see this amendment more narrowly defined or limited to specific guns, but the Constitution does not set parameters on what these weapons or guns. The amendment was designed as a check and balance against aggression by a foreign or domestic tyrannical government.

Counties in Iowa, in response to the perceived threat on the second amendment, are setting up sanctuary counties where their Board of Supervisors mandate that the freedoms of the second amendment are to be followed without exception. Hancock County is one of several counties who are considering passing this sanctuary resolution.

The board will meet in the Supervisors Room of the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner at 9 am.


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