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Worth Board to Review Drainage Projects

On Monday beginning at 8:30am, the Worth County Board of Supervisors will open their meeting with a review of county roads. Worth County Engineer Richard Brumm will review current projects, resurfacing, and repairs to secondary roads  He will also discuss his departments current maintenance of these roads.

Drainage will also be reviewed by the board. One of the issues involves a fourth and final pay request on work done on Lateral 3 in Drainage District 13. The board will look at this and other pay requests presented by the Worth County Drainage Clerk.

The county is considering taking over a private drain from the Upper Goose Lake Group Drain. The board will review the costs and feasibility of the changeover to a county drain. The board must also look into the hiring of an engineer to study the reclassification of Drainage District 48. There may be some needed repairs in the district which also must be investigated.

The supervisors must also review a 28E Sharing Agreement with Elderbridge Agency on Aging  Crisis Intervention Service. The agreement calls for the agency to serve older Iowans and their caregivers in the County through programs and services including counseling, case management, meal programs, caregiver support, respite services, evidence base health programs, advocacy, and recreation and education programs. 

The board will review another agreement between the county and the North Iowa Area Council of Governments.

Finally, Mark Crowl will present a plan for a vote and set a date for the Worthwhile Wind Development Agreement.

The board will meet in Northwood in the Supervisors Room of the Worth County Courthouse.


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