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Hancock County Board to Review Drainage Agreement

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will consider a drainage agreement on Monday that involves Lateral 4 in Drainage District 8. The board is considering hiring an engineer to review a proposed end to the lateral. The three landowners along Lateral 4 want to install tile and bury the line making it into a private tile. The water would still drain out into the main ditch, but the landowners would no longer be levied for Lateral 4 because it would no longer exist as a county drainage system.

Hancock County Engineer Jeremy Purvis will give a report on the current state of secondary roads in the county. Repairs, grading, and resurfacing will be discussed. Purvis will also ask the board to consider a secondary roads closure resolution.

This being National Voter Registration Month, the board may consider a proclamation to Hancock County residents recognizing the month as a time for unregistered voters to come forward along with those who may need to reregister and take the time to register to vote in the upcoming city and school elections. The board may authorize the chair to sign the proclamation.

The meeting will take place on Monday in the Supervisors Room of the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner beginning at 9am.


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