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Winnebago Industries Shows Off New Models in Hershey, Pennsylvania Show

Winnebago Industries are showing off some of their multi-functional RV vans at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania starting today and running through this weekend. One of those is the Solis Pocket which is Winnebago’s most affordable camper van. The van gives its passengers a number of options with storage, a flexible interior, and an extended camping capability.

Unlike other campers, the Pocket can store bicycles in compartments keeping them out of the elements according to Chris Beinert, Pocket Product Manager with Winnebago Industries.

Winnebago Industries made sure to listen to customer suggestions and comments regarding storage and needs. One of those suggestions was to make the camper vans more of a living space and a travel vehicle too.

One of the individuals who is currently using the Solis Pocket as a travel vehicle is now just off the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. He is Winnebago Ambassador Nick Riebe.

Riebe enjoys the versatility and power of the Solis Pocket, despite its size.

Riebe stated that he is currently getting about 17 miles per gallon. He has been taking the Solis Pocket through the Rocky Mountains and stated that the engine has very good power when taking on the mountains.

Riebe will not be attending the showcase in Hershey. Instead he will be heading to California for another exposition there. He will take the Solis Pocket with him, a camper van manufactured right here in northern Iowa.



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