Hancock Foundation Establishes Fund with Britt Fire Association

The Britt Fire Association was established in order to assist the area in fire and rescue situations. However, they do rely in part on the generosity of the public in maintaining that capability. Portions of those funds are also set aside for the future needs of the Britt Volunteer Fire Department. As a result, the Britt Fire Association Fund was recently established with the Hancock County Foundation to aid in that endeavor.

Jill Kramer is the Chair of the Hancock County Foundation. While the monies are currently going through the Des Moines Foundation, she stated that local businesses can do the same act of kindness towards our firefighters.

Those who can set up these types of donations and funding have several advantages according to Kramer.

Area businesses and residents have the opportunity to assist those who protect and serve them. By so doing, these departments now can obtain the latest in safety equipment and tools they need to better fight fires and save lives..

Those who would be interested in donating or want more information can contact Kramer at Hancock County Economic Development.


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