Belmond Explores Possible Future Business Expansion

Area communities are working diligently on business and industry expansion. Cities such as Belmond are looking to replace manufacturing and business that has moved out or closed. Belmond City Administrator Darrell Steven Carlyle has taken the lead on this effort and has had to look at several areas that might impede that growth.

One of these areas is childcare where like many area cities, there is a shortage. Carlyle and his associates have been working to resolve this issue.

Another area is housing, which is problematic throughout northern Iowa. While there is a flow of new workers into the area, affordable housing is not as available as one might think, particularly for those who want to own. Carlyle is trying to make a difference in the Belmond area.

Even with these issues present and the solutions being utilized to resolve them, there is interest by business and manufacturing companies to get into the Belmond market creating growth not only for the city, but the county as well.

Carlyle believes there is still more work to do, but thing are beginning to move forward for the city and the county.



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