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Wright County Board to Discuss Carbon Pipeline

The Wright County Board of Supervisors have moved their customary Monday meeting to Tuesday this week due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday. The meeting will convene  in the Board Room of the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion at 9am.

With the slight increase in COVID-19  in the area, the board will hear from the Emergency Operations Center on the current status of immunizations and current caseloads in the county.

The board will also hear about updating the broadband for the Wright County Conservation Department by using some of the funds allocated to the county from the American Rescue Plan.

The board will address a plan by Summit Carbon Solutions to put 45.8 miles of pipeline through Wright County in an effort to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from ethanol and other industrial agricultural plants before they’re released into the atmosphere. The company will turn those emissions into liquid for placement into underground rock formations in North Dakota for permanent storage.

Wright County is one of 30 counties where pipeline is proposed to be laid. The board has to address a number of issues regarding the pipeline including impact on potential landowners and drainage.



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