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Grassley Statement on Afghanistan

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), president pro tempore emeritus of the U.S. Senate, issued the following statement on the attacks in Afghanistan that led to the deaths of American service members and Afghans seeking to escape the Taliban.

“It’s stomach-turning and heartbreaking to have lost twelve of our fellow Americans to a terrorist attack today as they worked to grant safe haven to their fellow Americans and Afghan partners. The justice awaiting those who were complicit in this cowardly attack should serve as a warning to anyone else who might dare to commit any further barbaric acts of violence against our people and our allies.

“Barbara and I pray for the families of those fallen American heroes, for our allies who also suffered from this attack, and for those continuing to serve our country with honor and bravery as this mission continues under dangerous circumstances.

“These tragic deaths; this perilous moment did not need to occur. Right now, our country’s focus should remain squarely on getting every single American and ally out of harm’s way. Politics can wait. But the day will come when questions about this disorganized and disastrous exit will have to be answered. Americans deserve accountability from leaders who ignored warnings and put us in this catastrophic situation.”


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