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The Fears and Frustrations Continue for Area Iowans With Family and Friends in Afghanistan

An Iowa woman says her aunt is in Kabul and will not leave her apartment. Amber, who lives in Ames, spoke to Iowa Public Radio. The network wisely did not broadcast the woman’s last name over fears Amber has for her aunt and other family members still in Afghanistan.

Her frustrations and fears continued to build.

She says some of her family members were close to getting visas, but now they don’t know what’s going to happen.

She is not alone. There are area men and women who are also concerned for friends who are in Afghanistan. One Mason City man who asked not to be identified out of concern for his friend, stated he knew that his friend is there to help with base closures and he has not heard from him either.

The Iowa Bureau of Refugee Services says once an array of private agencies are ready, up to 2,000 refugees could be resettled in Iowa in a year. According to a spokesman for the governor, 94 refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq have been resettled in Iowa since mid-2016.

U. S. Senator Joni Ernst was in Forest City on Friday. She was criticized by some in the national media for siding with Governor Reynolds about accepting Afghan refugees considering the current southern border crisis. Ernst made it clear that this is a different set of circumstances in that the Afghan refugees in question had assisted the U. S. during the war on terror.

Thousands of U. S. citizens and those who worked for or helped the U. S. still remain behind enemy lines with their current status remaining unknown and in harms way.


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