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Gremmer to Be Grand Marshall for Hobo Day Parade

Many can remember the typewriter, eight track tapes, or drive up hamburger stands, but few remember working in fields without machines at all. Only the horse and cart along with the strength of your back to get you through the harvest or planting seasons.

One such gentleman is Henry Gremmer. He is 101 years old and will be honored as the Grand Marshall in the Hobo Days Parade in Britt on Saturday. Gremmer is a World War II veteran who served in the Pacific theater. He was involved in efforts near the Arctic Circle to just below the equator.

Gremmer had a book with a map that detailed his missions and the path he and his fellow soldiers took across the Pacific. With great pride, he showed where he and his men ventured.

Gremmer was chosen by the Hobo Days Committee because he is 101 years old, however he was completely surprised by the gesture.

He is a humble gentleman who plays cards with his friends when he gets out of the house and tries to stay active.

That need for activity stems from his early days on the farm when there were no tractors or machines and most everything was done by hand or plow. He has watched Britt grow and change over the years, but still loves to be in the Hobo Convention city.



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