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Winnebago Board to Discuss Position Vacancies

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning to discuss two positions that are becoming vacant in the county. The first is the Veterans Affairs Coordinator position. Mike Mortesen, President of the County Veterans Affairs, will appear before the board to present his side of the need for a coordinator in the county. The board may act on the position and move forward.

The second is a maintenance position within the county which the board may approve some criteria for the job including salary and hours.

A group that assists with housing for low income individuals has been at the center of discussion in a number of area counties regarding possible county funding, now will have its moment before the Winnebago Supervisors. Homeward Housing Inc. is a non-profit that is part of a controversy on whether it can receive county funding. The State Auditor has mandated that no funding can come from from counties to non-profits as stipulated in the state constitution. Counties such as Hancock have opted for a 28E sharing agreement to transfer county funding to the organization. Winnebago County may  opt to do the same in order to satisfy state requirements.

Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders will address the current state of secondary roads in the county and review any projects now and in the future. He will also present plans and specifications for a bridge replacement east of 60th Avenue on A42.


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