Kronemann Discusses Mask Mandates at West Hancock Schools

The West Hancock School District will be going back into session shortly and with the slight increases in the Delta variant and other COVID strains, the question comes up on whether the district should invoke a mask mandate. Superintendent Wayne Kronemann knows this is on the back of his and everyone else’s minds.

Hancock County has seen a slight increase in the number of flu cases and Kronemann understands that the numbers have moved a little up, but he also understands that his educational staff and the students will take the necessary precautions.

The district and it’s board have taken a number of steps to make sure that mitigation is laid out and followed. Kronemann stated that the information can be easily found by concerned district patrons.

Kronemann and many other area officials are concerned about the effectiveness of the masks that have been in use. Data about their effectiveness continues to change as does the effectiveness of other preventative measures.


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