Super Bowl’s Phil Torgerson to be Posthumously Enshrined into the Hall of Fame

The Forest City Bowling Association will meet on Monday at the Super Bowl in Forest City, beginning at 7 pm. The bowling alley will be organizing leagues and formally inducting former Super Bowl owner Phil Torgerson into the Hall of Fame.

Torgerson passed away last year, but he was well known for his ability to keep the Super Bowl current with the latest trends in bowling and bowling alleys. His son, Shawn, now owns the facility and continues to run it like his father did. Shawn remembers what it took to keep the Super Bowl ahead of the trend.

Phil was innovative and always looked for new ideas to build and strengthen his bowling alley. These included things that really didn’t have anything to do with bowling, but they made the time at the alley a greater experience. Considering the size of the market he was working in, it was important to keep the Super Bowl ahead of the curve.

Shawn Torgerson is honored that his father was chosen to be in the Hall of Fame and looks to carry on the family tradition with fun and new games and promotions at the Super Bowl.


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