Lake Mills School Board to Hold a Public Hearing

The thought is still lingering in the minds of some parents and guardians, is it safe to send the children back to school, especially with the newest Delta variant which the Centers for Disease Control allege is most dangerous to youth.

Cases in the area have not been anywhere near the numbers that have been seen across the country. Only Wright County has seen a sharp increase of 16 up from an average of 4 per week. Most of these are COVID and not the Delta variant.

Now the Lake Mills Community School Board is asking the public in the district to voice their opinion on the planned return to in person instruction in the fall. They also want feedback on the continuity of services according to the requirements of the American Rescue Plan along with the Elementary and Secondary school Emergency Relief Fund.

The public hearing will take place on Monday, August 9th at 5 pm in the school library. Those residents wishing to attend and speak will be given five minutes to voice their opinion on the Return to Learn plan worked out by the board.


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