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Winnebago County Board to Accept Yeira Resignation

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday morning to handle a few outstanding issues for the county. The first is the resignation of a nine year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office. Yeira, the female K9 officer for the force has submitted her resignation in order to retire from police work. The 12 year old German Shepherd has been a staple of the force performing a number of duties according to Winnebago County Sheriff Steve Hepperly.

Her handler Brett has been working with her for last nine years and now she will retire and live with him. During their time together, she has been involved in a number of investigations and has also done public performances. Her final demonstration was at the Winnebago County Fair.

Drainage matters will also be discussed including the approval of the 2021 Drainage Tax levy where over thirty drainage districts will be levied various amounts for the year.



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