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Wright County Monitoring New COVID Cases

It appears that a minor uptick in COVID-19 cases has the Wright County Public Health Department becoming concerned. For the first part of July, the county was experiencing an average of four new cases per week. Now, in the last two weeks, the cases have jumped to sixteen.

While addressing the Wright County Board of Supervisors in their weekly meeting, Health Department Director Sandy McGrath said that her department is watching the situation closely. She is very concerned about the new Delta variant. With school about to begin and the fact that youth are particularly susceptible to the Delta strain, she is strongly encouraging parents to get the vaccine for their children.

The county is currently around 46% vaccinated and the goal is to try and get 50% of the county that way. While neighboring counties such as Franklin and Hamilton have not had any hospitalizations, they have seen increases in cases by 11 to 15%. Those figures are actually lower than what the U. S. Centers for Disease Control are saying about the nation in general where cases have doubled since June.

Vaccinations are still available at the Wright County Public Health Office in Clarion.


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