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Heat May Be an Issue to Local Residents

The area will be suffering from excessive heat as a system builds in the area and drives temperatures and heat indices up to dangerous levels. There are definitely concerns as to how area residents and businesses will handle the dramatic temperatures.

For those who need a little refresher on how to beat the extremes, Winnebago and Hancock County Emergency Manager Andy Buffington suggests that you first keep an eye out on yourself for possible heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

The heat can actually work against you natural cooling mechanisms and it becomes a warning sign that something is not right and you should get into a cooler area such as a building or indoor location with air conditioning as quickly as possible.

Recognizing the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion are critical in conditions like what we will experience over the next few days. Buffington outlined what you may see or feel that are indicators that something is wrong.

Now, more than ever, pets and children should never be left alone in a car or truck.

Extra precautions should be taken if you intend to travel during this time.

Regardless, always continue to monitor yourself and others during this time for any possible issues that are heat related.


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