Moratorium on Evictions Ending Soon for Area Renters

The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a host of programs designed to maintain the status quo, even for renters. Now area renters who are behind on their rent may be seeing problems both now and in the future. Some 30,000 renters in Iowa alone are facing the possibility of eviction once the federal protections are lifted. When that happens, those individuals will have trouble finding housing, not just now, but well into the future.

Ericka Petersen with Iowa Legal Aid explains.

This brings into focus the issue facing many of the area cities which is an affordable housing shortage. Cities like Forest City, Garner, and Britt have been actively trying to remedy the growing problem. The effort however, may not be enough. This leaves a viable workforce at a loss about where to go next if little or no housing is available.

For now, local renters facing eviction can get rental assistance to help pay their bills. A program is available to help only those renters facing evictions or are close to having to deal with the proceedings. The number to call for assistance is (855) 300-5885.


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