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Hancock County Board to Set Public Hearings

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to first hear from Don Regan of Nationwide Insurance. The company helps employees with deferred compensation claims. The company is also offering a guaranteed minimum interest rate change which could be beneficial to both the county and its employees.

Drainage matters will then become the forefront of the meeting as Kent Rode of Bolton and Menk Engineering will offer an engineers report on Drainage Districts 1 and 2. The Main Open Ditch is in need of cleaning and repair so landowners must be notified and given the chance to voice their opinions in a formal hearing. The board will set the date and time for that meeting.

An outlet charge for Joint Drainage District 32-98 must also be discussed with landowners. Both Hancock and Wright Counties are involved in the district and so the board will have to hold a teleconference to decide on the date and time for a formal hearing with concerned landowners who will have to pay for the work to be done.

Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders will brief the board on any other upcoming projects that may need to be addressed. That will be followed by Hancock County Secondary Roads Engineer Jeremy Purvis who will discuss the state of the secondary roads in the county.

The State Auditor has advised that no county may give private non-profits any county tax dollars as supplemental funding. The board must review the advisory and discuss the implications of it when the budget planning cycle comes around in six months.


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