Forest City YMCA Wants to Include All Area Youth

There are some children who may see their peers as lucky, having better opportunities, or maybe better than they are for whatever reason. The YMCA has always maintained that each child should have the opportunity to succeed. Director of Activities Tony Reynolds believes that is possible and is willing to work with families who are economically disadvantaged, but are searching for opportunities for their children.

Reynolds admits that it takes a lot of work, but that in the end, it pays off for those children who took advantage of the programs offered at the YMCA.

Reynolds admits that he is a huge advocate of equity and encourages every parent to bring their child into the programs at the YMCA, even if it does not fit into the family budget.

The Forest City YMCA recently completed a robotics program and is putting together a team to challenge other regional groups in a robotics competition.

Other programs like swimming, STEM, and a host of others are available for participation by area youth.




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