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Area Veterans Have a Chance to Tell Their Story

Local veterans will get a chance to tell their story and have it preserved at the Library of Congress this weekend in central Iowa. Sara Robinson does the interviews as part of the Iowa Veterans’ Perspective organization she founded.

Her next event is Saturday at the Urbandale Public Library. Robinson is a member of the Iowa National Guard and says her family’s long military history spurred her to do this.

She believes her own background makes it easier to get the veterans to open up.

She makes appointments for the interviews so there is time for the stories and so veterans don’t have to wait. You can sign up online.

Robinson says any libraries that would like to host a session can also contact her.

The Veterans Interview Day Saturday has appointments starting at 9:00 a-m and running until 6:00 p-m. Veterans of all wars and representing all military branches are encouraged to register to share their stories. If you have questions about the interview process, contact Sara at Iowa Veterans’ Perspective at (515) 710-9869.


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