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Forest City Boards and Commissions to Meet

Two boards have scheduled meetings in Forest City. The first is the Parks and Recreation Board which will meet Monday beginning at 6pm in the Civic Auditorium. The agenda calls for a discussion on the new dump stations at Pammel Park and drinking water. The board will also review the Merrick Park play structure for children. Any other new business may be addressed by the board  before reviewing the recreation report and the park report.

At the Forest City Municipal Airport, the Forest City Airport Commission will meet beginning at 5:30pm on Monday. They will concern themselves with the Taxiway LED Lighting Project and the new lights that need to be installed. Strobe lights on Runway 33 will also be discussed and the possible replacement of some the lights.

The commission is also considering the signage posted on the airport entrance road and how it may need to be changed or modified. Costs associated with these changes will also be reviewed.

All of these items to be addressed by the board have been discussed before and may be adopted at the Monday night meeting. No new business has been advanced on the agenda, so after the board takes action on the items, the will be presented with invoices for approval and payment before adjourning.



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