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Kanawha To Hold a Blood Drive Tuesday

The LifeServe Blood Center is holding another blood drive in the area, this time in Kanawha. The Kanawha Community Blood Drive will take place Tuesday beginning at 1 pm and continue until 6 pm. The drive will take place at the Kanawha Fire Station located at 104 south Main Street. Claire Deroin of the LifeServe Blood Center explains that there are requirements as to who can donate according to Deroin.

You also cannot have a cold and cannot be pregnant. Donors must also have normal blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and hemoglobin screenings. To get more information or to schedule an appointment, go to or call (800) 287-4903. There will be no walk-ins accepted due to COVID-19 rules.

There are no specific blood types that are needed at this time, but “O” Type is in demand more than others.

If you have concerns or questions, call (800) 287-4903.


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