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Worth County Board to Discuss Changes

The Worth County Board of Supervisors meet on Monday morning to first here from Richard Brumm, Worth County Secondary Roads Engineer. Road maintenance and a discussion on the Top of Iowa Trails project will be reviewed and possibly acted on.

The board will then hear about various drainage claims along with changes in costs to repair and clean out drains in Drainage District 49 Lateral 9 and Drainage District 13 Lateral 3.

The courthouse may be seeing some work done in the future. An amendment to the Professional Services Agreement will add a structural survey to the courthouse to conduct soil borings. It will be located where a future building may be located. The board will also examine water damage issues to the courthouse.

The board may withdraw from the North Iowa Juvenile Detention Center. A resolution has been drafted that would authorize the withdrawal from the center on a specified date.

A discussion on plans with Inverergy regarding their use of secondary roads will be discussed. With the new wind stations and those currently in use, a road development agreement must be reached between the two parties to help offset costs.

The board will meet in the Supervisors Room of the Worth County Courthouse in Northwood beginning at 8:30am.



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