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Hancock County Board to Discuss the Drainage District 66 Project

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to review several important issues. the first will be to either reappoint the current Veterans Affairs Commissioner or to appoint a new one. The board will consider the options available and make a decision

The board will also look into changing the rate of pay for those who work the polls during the county elections. The county has been utilizing members of the community for the poll work and wants to entice more to participate in the vital role of poll workers.

Secondary roads will be discussed as to their current condition and any projects that are being done or are planned for the future. One such project involves a bridge replacement. The project has been let for bids and the board will award the contract to the lowest or best qualified bid. the board will then have to consider a temporary road closing resolution to go along with the bridge replacement.

On April 19th, the board held a formal hearing with landowners on Drainage District 66 where tile improvements were necessary to make the drainage more efficient. The question before the board that was in the engineers report was whether to use a 1/2 inch coefficient which would drain a 1/2 inch of rain per hour, or to use a 1 inch coefficient. The 1/2 inch tile would cost an estimated $257,355 while the one inch would be estimated at $301,972. On Monday, the board will meet with the engineer and members of the district to discuss the best course of action. The meeting will take place in the Basement Meeting Room of the Law Enforcement Center  to better accommodate the number of residents in the district. Once a consensus is reached, the board will direct the engineer to prepare the final plans and specifications of the project before it is to be bid on by contractors.


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