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Forest City Council to Meet on Sewer Rate Increases

The Forest City Council will meet on Monday night in the Council Chambers beginning at 7pm in Forest City. The council will review several issues including street vendors. The council will take up a resolution that enforces a Pushcart and Mobile Food Unit to provide to the city a copy of any licensed issue pursuant to Chapter 137F of the Iowa code and written permission from the landowner where the Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart will be parked for sales plus a schedule of the date and time during which sales will be made. Any changes in the location or time will be given to the City at least one business day prior to commencing sales at the new location or time. If a different landowner will be used, then written permission from said landowner will also be submitted at least one business day prior to commencing sales.

Sewer rates may be increased. the council will review a proposed resolution that h as each customer paying sewer service charges for the use of and for the service supplied by the municipal sanitary sewer system based upon the amount of water consumed as follows:
1. Base Fee………………………..$5.00
2. Plus……………………………..$7.50 per 1,000 gallons of water used
3. Capital Equipment Reserve Charge of $7.00 per month
A “Building,” means only those buildings which have water connections and
excludes outbuildings. Where there are multiple meters in a building, each meter may be charged individually using the above rates. In buildings where there is one meter serving several separate individual residential units, each unit comprising a separate and distinct apartment or dwelling unit the above mentioned base fee will be assessed against each separate and distinct apartment or dwelling unit.

The council will set a date for a public hearing on the sale of property located at 409 Secor Avenue. The property is part of the $1 land sale program which encourages people to build quality homes on the sites while obtaining the land for $1 from the city.

A resolution on the closure of streets during the Relay for Life event on June 26th on the Winnebago County Courthouse lawn will be discussed. The area to be closed off is Clark Street in front of the courthouse and J Street from Clark Street to the west end of the courthouse.

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