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Winnebago Board to Review Road Issues

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday morning with a discussion on the possibility of hiring a new IT Director. Winnebago County IT Director Eric Guth has formally resigned his post leaving the county to have to find a new director to handle his duties everywhere except the Winnebago County Public Safety Center. A separate company handles the workload in that facility. The board has appointed a committee that has made a recommendation  for hire. The board will entertain the nomination and possibly approve the offer to hire him.

Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders will discuss several issues regarding his department. These include any projects, repairs, and resurfacing of the secondary roadways in the county. He is also asking for guidance on establishing a policy for crossing roads with drainage tile. The question has been before the board twice before in recent weeks and has been tabled. Meinders wants to press the board for solutions on the issue so that he can proceed with any projects involving it.

Meinders approached the board about another issue that has been brought to light at the InFaith Riding Light Farm at 1044 450th Street. Here children and young teens who may even have special needs ride horses as a means of therapy and fun. The farm has asked the board to put up equestrian crossing signs to warn drivers to slow down and exercise caution so as to not startle the horses and riders. Meinders discussed the cost of putting such signs up, but was not opposed to the idea last week at the weekly board meeting. He wanted to know if the board wanted to go to the expense of doing so. The board may make their recommendation on the matter in the Tuesday meeting.

In a matter regarding drainage, district 18 has had some drainage work completed recently on Lateral 11 and in one case, a private ditch runs along the county drainage system. The property belongs to Doug Harmon who connected his ditch to the county’s. He originally petitioned the county to incorporate his ditch into the county system so that the district would have to pay for the connection, but now he is asking the board to terminate the petition and it appears he will have to pay for it. The board will make a final review and decide which option is best.

The board will meet in the Supervisors Room of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City beginning at 9am.


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