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Kuennen’s Quarry Site of Another Rescue

The Worth County Sheriff’s Office was called to the Kuennen’s Quarry on Thursday around 6pm. The caller stated that there was an 18 year old male in the quarry who was unconscious and very pale. When officers arrived, they discovered Collin Johnson of Hallandale, Minnesota in the quarry and began CPR and continued until emergency personnel arrived on the scene. A medicine that is used to treat overdoses called NARCAM was used to revive the teen.

Officials said that the teen recovered and was then arrested for public intoxication.

There have been a rash of incidents at the quarry this month. Officials cite cases of theft, vandalism, assaults, and even drug sales happening at the site. The Worth County  Conservation Department who also responded to the call have now decided to close the quarry until decisions can be rendered on allowed activities there. They are trying to prevent any further illegal activity at the site.


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