DNR Determines Sewer Smell on Clear Lake is Not a Sewer Leak

After many complaints made in the past few days about a strong sewer-like odor around Clear Lake, the Clear Lake Sanitary District (CLSD) reached out to the DNR to investigate.

During the investigation, DNR staff and CLSD staff checked flow data and other records, and inspected both wastewater lift stations located on the north shore and found everything to be working properly with no reports of any leaks or sewer-like odors.

Today, DNR staff reported a significant amount of decaying aquatic vegetation, primarily Curly Leaf Pondweed, along the north shore.  DNR staff also reported a Blue Green Algae bloom, which is potentially also causing the sewer-like odors.

Routine water sampling has verified there is not a sewer leak in Clear Lake. The DNR and CLSD will continue to work together to monitor the situation.


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