Hancock County Looks to Move Rural Recycling

Board Sees Discrepancies in WM Billing

Waste Management Recycling Dumpster

Hancock County is once again exploring options of moving its rural recycling program from Waste Management to the Landfill of North Iowa. This discussion comes after the Hancock County Board of Supervisors received the last two bills from Waste Management that were over $6,000 each. According to Supervisor Gary Rayhons, this large amount is not sustainable.

Hancock County Board of Supervisors Chairperson Gary Rayhons

Hancock County’s rural recycling program consists of 4 drop off sites in Miller, Crystal Lake, Kanawha and Klemme. Miller and Klemme bins are emptied once a week, while Crystal Lake and Kanawha bins are on-call, each averaging one dump every other week.

Last year about this time, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors found a substantial billing discrepancy of more than 25 percent, and was told by Waste Management in September the massive upcharges would be credited back. It took a few months before that occurred, but then the billing seemed to be accurate for a period of time.  However, Rayhons has noticed the last two bills creeping up again by nearly $1,500 a month without increased tonnage or dumps.

It is guesstimated that a buy in with the Landfill of North Iowa could potentially save the county and its rural taxpayers nearly $50,000 a year, but actual numbers can’t be determined until the census comes out this fall.


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