North Iowa Outdoors: Citizen Science Program Scheduled

Have you ever wanted to help scientists learn more about our local flora and fauna, but never thought you could because you don’t have a science degree? Well, there are plenty of opportunities for average citizens to help out! If you’d like to learn more about those opportunities, you can attend the virtual Citizen Science Projects program being hosted by the Winnebago County Conservation Board. The program will be on Sunday evening, June 27th, from 7:00-8:00 PM.

During the live program, Winnebago County Naturalist Lisa Ralls will discuss the many ways that people can volunteer to help conduct basic scientific research. From tagging Monarch butterflies to observing birds in your backyard, there are many ways that people can contribute to the work being done by scientists all over the country. Some research requires a brief training session, but the observations are fun to do and very important.

Citizen science is important because there are only so many scientists and they cannot be everywhere. But, if people all over the country contribute information, scientists are able to acquire much more data, and are able to see a much more complete picture of species’ populations and what is happening in our environment. And with our changing climate, such information is now more important than ever. Although scientists are the ones who compile and analyze the data, and figure out what is happening, ordinary citizens can be their eyes and ears!

Participants in the Citizen Science Projects virtual program will be able to learn about how they can help out, ask questions about the opportunities that are available, and receive handouts. The program will be free of charge. To register, people simply need to contact Naturalist Lisa Ralls at [email protected] to receive the Zoom link.


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