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Loyal Customers Prove Best-Selling Travato Leads RV Industry in Quality and Innovation

Not many people can say they’ve owned six of the same camper van in six years, but Greg and Donna Schultz can.  They recently picked up their sixth Winnebago Travato after becoming RVers for the first time in 2015.

“When we retired in 2013, Donna started looking for how we could keep traveling and take our dog with us,” Greg said.  “She saw an ad for a Class B motorhome that looked interesting.  We looked at a few different brands and quickly found that the Travato had the best features and an ideal floorplan and we purchased it.”

Since its introduction in 2014, the Winnebago Travato has been the best-selling camper van in North America.  “I’ve been told Travatos are the most in-demand B vans,” Greg said.  “And they definitely hold their value.”

The Schultz’s traveled in that Travato throughout 2015 and even named it with a custom license plate “RTVATO” – meaning “Our Travato.”  Their love of the camper van lifestyle and their many upgrade ideas led to a friendship with Russ Garfin, Winnebago Product Management Director for the camper van and Class C lines.

“I got to know Greg and Donna shortly after they purchased their first model,” Garfin said.  “In the subsequent years, we’ve enjoyed many great Travato experiences with them all over the country.  They’ve also provided owner insights and inspirations for many Travato design improvements.”

“Winnebago cares about customer feedback and they continuously improve their products,” Greg said.  “That’s why we keep buying new ones every year.”

One of the Schultz’s six Travatos was a 2020 National Parks Limited Edition.  They appreciated the high-powered Volta lithium battery system, added solar, and upgraded wheel and tire package.  “The Travato 59KL is perfectly designed for our lifestyle – it’s ready for everything without needing to do anything,” Greg said.

As they get ready to travel in their 2022 Travato, Greg said there isn’t just one feature that made them upgrade yet again.  “There are several new features and floorplan changes to the 2022 model that will challenge us to rethink some of the ways we use the van, what we bring and what we leave home,” Greg said.  “But that keeps it fresh while allowing us to still get another Travato.”

The Schultz’s, who travel approximately 25,000 miles per year, plan on meeting up with the owners of their previous coaches – who they say are friends. In fact, Greg hopes to have a RTVATO family reunion someday.  “We can’t wait to get on the road and see our Travato Nation friends all over the country as we have meet ups planned on both coasts, as well as the Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa, in July,” Greg said.

Garfin said, “We love that Donna and Greg have purchased six of our Travatos.  But even more, we appreciate the years of steadfast support for the Travato owner family and the invaluable product input that they continue to provide to our design team.”


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