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Hancock County Board to Discuss the American Rescue Plan

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday to cover various issues before the county. The board will hear from Hancock County Treasurer Deb Engstler about the possible need to for abatement of taxes on a mobile home. According to her office, the taxes are uncollectable which is the reason for the abatement.

Hancock County Engineer Jeremy Purvis has previously asked the board to consider enacting a policy about private ditch crossings in Hancock County. The board will look into the issue again and possibly enact a measure on it.

The American Rescue Plan is a program out forward by the federal government with monetary aid aimed toward cities and counties throughout the United Stated in response to the pandemics effects. The board is considering the idea of forming a work group to study the program and see what parameters are being set for financial assistance to the county.

The board will then hold an 11am Completion of Work hearing for those residents in Joint Drainage District 13-128. The district is shared with Cerro Gordo County with the majority of the work done in Hancock County. The two supervisory boards will then vote jointly on two pay estimates, one totaling $1,395 and the other $50,407.98. The second will be a final pay estimate to A-1 Excavating who completed the cleanout and repair on the drainage system. The boards will welcome comments from affected residents remotely by calling (646) 749-3122  with the Access Code: 847-645-757.


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