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Hancock County Board to Discuss Drainage Issues

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Thursday beginning at 1pm. the main purpose of the meeting will be about drainage on a number of districts.

The board will consider a resolution regarding Joint Drainage District 13-128 Main Open Ditch and certify levies for that district. They must also consider Joint Drainage District 36-2 and a resolution associated with it too.

Other Joint Drainage Districts where resolutions are involved are 46-3 and its laterals, 49-1-125 Main Open Ditch, 73-139, 86-1-31 Lateral Upper Tile, Lateral 4 Upper Open System, Lateral 4 Upper Tile Outlet. These resolutions will deal with issues such as repairs, levies, and clean outs.

Public comments are welcome during the Public Forum portion of the meeting. Comments are allowed only for agenda items. Those wishing to comment should call (571) 317-3112 with an Access Code 676-403-693.


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