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Hancock County Board Holds a Busy Schedule

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday with the pressing issue regarding carpet installation and when the office movers will arrive. The county courthouse is undergoing a remodeling at taxpayer expense to improve all offices, work on basement bathrooms, and fix building issues .

The board will hear from Hancock County Engineer Jeremy Purvis concerning the current state of secondary roads. He will discuss the need for bidders on specific projects and review current ones. He will also discuss the need for new windows in the Engineering Offices downstairs.

Drainage will consist of initial plans for Drainage District 1 and 2’s South Main. They will look into setting a date for the opening of bids and awarding of a contract.

Drainage Districts 3 and 4 are done. Now the board needs to consider damage claims by property owners and a final pay estimate to Rognes Brothers Excavating for the work that has been completed.

This will be followed at 10:30 am by a Completion Hearing for Drainage District 57 by Holland Contracting. If the hearing is satisfactory, the board will act on a final pay estimate for the completed work.

Drainage discussion will end with a teleconference call between Hancock, Cerro Gordo, and Franklin County regarding work that may need to be done on an upper tile system in Lateral 4 of the Drainage Districts 86-31-1. The combined boards will need to act on what will be done next to resolve the tiling issue.

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