Volunteers Help Clean Up Winnebago Parks and River

Despite intermittent rain and low river levels, almost 40 employees from Winnebago Industries volunteered their time on Friday, May 14th, to help clean up Thorpe Park and the Winnebago River Water Trail. Workers at Thorpe Park picked up trash, trimmed trees, planted flowers, weed-whipped, cleaned out bluebird houses, and performed other maintenance work. Those that traveled down the river cleaned up trash, including a car wheel (still on its rim) and an old car battery.

The employees who volunteered at Thorpe Park were Eric Jones, Greg Hansen, Mike Berns, Rod White, Tim Dakken, Tom Schreiner, Bill Rout, Alex Schumaker, Dan Kesler, Mark Lamoureux, Kurt Faber, Pamela Divan, Rich Miller, Joni Miller, Tony Carter, Jon Gamerdinger, Curt Nygaard, Bob Ritter, Matt Haugen, Doug Fredrickson, Gabe Donbert, and Blake Hoover (pictured), as well as John Mills, John Bonczyk, Tony Stokka, and Brian Thoreson (not pictured).

Members of the river crew were Lee McInroy, Jeff Lewison, Jeff Hovinga, Jon Moritz, Russ Garfin, Paula Appel, Jacob Staines, Connie Theobald-Low, Deb Lund, Bonnie Boothroyd, Joe Liviero, and Stephen Bender.

The Winnebago County Conservation Board would like to thank all the volunteers from Winnebago who helped out that day. Their efforts definitely improved the park and the river, and the Board is very grateful for their dedication to these local natural areas and to the overall environment!


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