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Hancock County Approves Amendment to 2020-2021 Budget

Both Revenues and Expenditures Increase

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors on Monday approved the #2 amendment to the fiscal year 2020-2021 county budget, after hearing no public opposition. The total revenues increased over 1 million dollars, while the total expenditures increased by just shy of $400,000. Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach breaks down the increase in revenues and expenditures.

Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach

Part of the increase in secondary road expenditures includes the January purchase of 10 acres of land on the northeast side of Britt for $200,000 to house the future county shed, as well as the added expense of $183,480 to hire Atura Architecture to design the building specifications.  Tlach tells what that hefty price tag covers.

Hancock County Supervisor Gary Rayhons tells exactly how much the county’s budget is increasing in revenues after the current amendment and how much additional expenses they are scheduled to pay out prior to June 30th.

Hancock County Supervisor Gary Rayhons

The total budget expenditures after the amendment exceed the total revenues by $934,198. Intergovernmental revenues are scheduled to increase over one million dollars from $4,917,541 to $5,952,636. Charges for services will increase $2,300 from $366,550 to $368,850.  In expenditures, physical health and social services will increase $39,860 from $447,484 to $487,344.  County environment and education will increase $10,500 from $776,220 to $786,720.  Roads and transportation will increase $453,672 from $6,518,978 to $6,972,650. Capital Projects is the only line item expenditure decreasing by $119,785 from $792,500 to $672,715. To see the actual Budget Amendment spreadsheet, click on this link. PublicHearingNotice Hancock County Budget Amendment



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