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Worth County Extension Develops Mental Health Program for Schools

It has become a topic that now has moved to the fore front in many parts of northern Iowa. With the loss of two students in Worth County, organizations such as the Worth County ISU Extension are developing programs to tackle mental health. The need is especially pressing for teenagers and according to Worth County ISU Extension Specialist Dennis Johnson, schools are taking up the offer for help.

This new program is a spinoff of an even larger program done earlier in the year. This statewide program was well received and highly informative according to participants. Close to 160 individuals signed up for the program and spawned the idea for a more localized program.

Johnson and his Office Manager at the extension were both certified to teach the program. It was then that Johnson discovered that teachers in Worth County were also interested in certification. So Johnson and his staff began the idea of incorporating both Central Springs and Northwood-Kensett Community School Districts into the program. Johnson stated that the districts were ready and receptive to the idea.

Johnson and his staff at the extension will continue to offer this program to any interested districts and groups.




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