Kronemann Praises His School Board

The year for students and teachers at the West Hancock Community School District has been unique in many phases. The district has gone through social distancing measures, masking, and event planning unlike any other year. Through it all, Superintendent Wayne Kronemann and the school board have had to make some very difficult decisions.

Board members with the West Hancock Community Schools have enough of a busy schedule, but to make matters worse, they had to address a pandemic and how to best keep students and staff safe.

Board members had to deal with state legislative issues, internal policy issues, staffing, budgets, and health concerns for all who are at the school on a daily basis.

The amount of time a board member in the district puts in can be long, but each of the members has the student and the teachers in mind.

Kronemann credits the board for keeping the district strong during the pandemic and the year.





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