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New COVID Cases Force Mask Wearing at West Hancock

Superintendent Wayne Kronemann of the West Hancock Community School District learned on Thursday night that two new cases of COVID-19 had struck in the high school. He would not elaborate if they were teachers or students out of federal health privacy laws and concerns.

As a result, masks are now required at the high school during the school day (unless outside) for both students and staff until further notice. Mask will also be required for everyone at any indoor event if they can’t socially distance until further notice. Masks will also be required for all students (Preschool – 12th grade) and staff on school transportation.

“Unfortunately it would be too difficult for us to manage masking or non-masking for those that have or have not been vaccinated or have the COVID antibodies.” stated Kronemann. “Please make sure you are keeping your student(s) home if they are showing symptoms that are related to COVID. Allergy symptoms have been the most common I have heard about lately.”

He continued by stating in a release to parents that the schools will also continue to enforce the following mitigations in the district:

1. Limit outside adult visitors during the school day, and if they are allowed then they must be masked.

2. Use water bottles instead of water fountains

3. Extra sanitation efforts by students, staff, and custodians

4. Socially distance staff and students when reasonable

5. Push good hygiene practices

6. Use alternative classroom settings and schedules when reasonable

7. other minor mitigations

The district has six days left before school lets out for the year and commencement ceremonies take place. Parents will be kept apprised of the situation and of any further details regarding remaining school activities.


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