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Feenstra Cosponsors Resolution Condemning Hamas and Reaffirming U.S. Support for Israel

Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04) joined his colleagues as an original cosponsor of a resolution condemning Hamas’s acts of terrorism against Israel and reaffirming that the United States strongly supports Israel as a key ally in the Middle East.

On Monday, Feenstra expressed his support for Israel as the violence began to unfold. In recent days, tensions have continued escalating in the region as Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists have fired over 1,000 rockets at Israel. This makes it the worst outbreak of violence in the region since 2014.

“I continue to stand with Israel in the face of the acts of terror and violence being carried out by Hamas. Israel has the absolute and unequivocal right to defend its citizens against the barrage of rockets being launched by these Iranian-backed terrorists. The United States must continue showing our support for Israel as our closest and most important ally in the Middle East,” said Rep. Feenstra.

Specifically, this resolution:

  • Condemns Hamas and their actions as “acts of terrorism”
  • Recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  • Support Israel’s right to defend itself
  • Reaffirms support for efforts to end anti-Semiticism globally

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