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Manufacturing Issues May Cause Local Dealership Shortages

Car buying in the area may become a little more tricky if current trends continue. Dealerships in the area are experiencing shortages in the kinds of cars that they can sell and it is not problems caused by the dealer.

Ellen Pritchard, Director of Retail Operations for Pritchard Automotive Group cites a specific reason for the problems.

This means that there have been 5 million fewer vehicles produced in 2021 costing the auto industry $61 billion in sales for this year. All due to a dramatic microchip shortage.

While sales have been brisk, particularly in the local area, selection is beginning to dwindle. This is leading to a shift in sales to used cars. According to Pritchard, dealers are now looking for quality used cars.

Pritchard indicated that the dealerships here in northern Iowa want to continue to cater to the customer, but that it is becoming increasingly difficult because of the shortages.

F-Series trucks are a prime example with lots having as many as 150 trucks at the dealership. In some cases, that has been reduced to as little as 10.

Mega car lots in metropolitan areas like Des Moines or Minneapolis are also experiencing the same issues, but on a bigger scale. Because they too have been seeing high volumes of sales in 2021, their lots are beginning to dwindle in selection and pricing is on the rise.

The future of this manufacturing issue may be prolonged according to Pritchard.

For now, area dealers like Pritchard’s Auto Centers are working with what they have and what they can get for their customers.








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