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The Inevitable Preparation Must be Shared With Family

Many do not take the final step in making wishes known.

There is a moment that each of us has to face during our lives and it is the death of a loved one. No one is really prepared for the event, even if they know it is coming. The pain and suffering someone may feel inside can cloud our vision, have us make rash decisions, or seclude us from the world.

It is during that time when someone may have to make some very important decisions. Andrews Funeral Home Director in Belmond Tony Andrews has seen his share of these moments. He offered some advice for those who are planning ahead for the inevitable.

Andrews believes that it is important to write down and communicate with multiple members of your family what you want to have done.

So writing down what you want is important. This means things that you must also convey such things as location of life insurance information, social security data, and other pertinent information that trusted survivors must know to take care of end of life matters.

Another factor is cremation, donation of tissue, or even the donation of the body to science. Open discussion about these matters is encouraged so that each individual has the peace of mind of knowing what must be done.

Andrews encourages everyone to make sure the information is safe, but accessible to your trusted survivors.

One of those plans may include a gravestone or marker. Some individuals will visit a company who deals with these markers ahead of time. Some who are facing death in a hospice or hospital may have their spouse visit a gravestone dealer who can help pre-plan how the stone will appear.

Colleen Hovinga with Forest City Granite says that she is visited frequently by those who wish to design their marker or that of a loved one who may be facing death.

The company has been in Forest City for nearly 100 years. During that time, it has seen a lot of changes in how funerals are done and how people are memorialized. Even now, Hovinga is seeing a trend taking place.

Hovinga says that she has even gotten requests about something other than the average memorial.

Once an individual has made these plans, perhaps purchased the memorial, there comes the matter of who does one trust to carry out the wishes according to Andrews.

These important decisions must be shared or at the very least, discussed among trusted family members. It will relieve the stress among the family and give them the confidence to move forward with the essential decisions.













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