North Iowa Schools Continue to Evaluate the Mask Policy

Many area school districts are continuing their mask policies until the end of the school year. Wright County school districts are two of the districts in the area who are maintaining the policy along with Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Community Schools.

The North Iowa Community School District continually review their plans according to Superintendent Joe Erickson.

There are some developments that come into play with the plans according to Erickson.

Around 20 cases of COVID-19 have recently been reported in Winnebago County in the last couple of weeks and the district is taking note of this as they work with the county health department. The case numbers are a far cry from the fall and winter of last year.

As far as other activities are concerned, each is considered carefully in accordance with social distancing and masking.

Erickson admits that the district, its teachers, staff, and even the students learned a lot about their capabilities under adverse conditions

Erickson and the board will review the procedures that were followed for the last couple of school years to find any improvements that may need to be made for future school years.




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