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Winnebago County Declines COVID Vaccination Allotment

The Winnebago County Health Department has declined its allotment of COVID-19 vaccines for the week. Julie Sorenson, Director for the health department stated that the county is in good shape regarding vaccinations so far.

Many of those recipients have gone outside the county to get their dosage, leaving the county to give out a number of vaccines to residents.

The controversial Johnson and Johnson vaccines are now being administered again to those who would like to receive them and according to Sorenson, there are those who want that vaccine.

According to Sorenson, there were recipients who were on her list insisted on getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

The department stated that they declined this weeks allotment because of the number of individuals wanting the vaccine is low.

The move is part of a statewide trend of individuals who do not want the vaccination or are hesitant about receiving it based on published reports. Sorenson stated that the state is also cutting back too.

The average number of cases was far below that of those last fall and winter. However, Sorenson is noticing a very mild spike in the county.

County health officials are still encouraging those who have not been vaccinated to make an appointment to get the vaccine.






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