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Feenstra Statement on President Biden’s Address to Congress

Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04) released the following statement following President Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress this evening:

“When President Biden was sworn-in, he pledged to work in a bipartisan manner to heal and unite America. Then, he immediately turned around and issued highly partisan and polarizing executive orders, including efforts that will harm America’s energy independence, restrict Second Amendment rights, and allow tax dollars to be spent on abortions around the world.

“The Biden-Harris administration has also proposed an unprecedented $6 trillion in spending, using three different bills with flashy titles as one massive trojan horse for their far-Left agenda. That is why only nine percent of the $1.9 trillion ‘COVID relief’ bill went towards pandemic-related measures, and less than six percent of the $2.1 trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill contains funding for roads and bridges.

“While I believe we must work towards solutions on things like broadband expansion, affordable child care, and repairing roads and bridges, I do not believe the best way to address these issues is to spend $6 trillion on unrelated measures and drastically raise taxes on businesses to redistribute wealth. These policies will create more inflation and could force businesses to relocate overseas, drive down wages, and destroy up to one million jobs. Not to mention, interest payments on the $28 trillion national debt will skyrocket, sending this country into a never-ending debt spiral. That is what socialism does to an economy.

“I was also disappointed that Biden once again failed to adequately lay out a plan to address the border crisis. The Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) has seen a 233% increase in fentanyl seizures and a 400% increase in the number of unlawful border crossings compared to March 2020 — reaching the highest level in 15 years. Over 20,000 of these crossings have been unaccompanied minors. Through open border policies, Biden has clearly created a humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Now, he is refusing to fix it — putting both Americans and migrants at risk.

“In his first 100 days, Biden has not practiced what he preached. He pledged bipartisanship but has governed as a hardline coastal liberal. Unfortunately, tonight’s speech proved this will not change in the coming months. All Americans should be concerned that Democrats’ massive tax-and-spend proposals are sending us down an economically and fiscally perilous path, and I will continue standing up against their reckless agenda.”


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