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Hancock County Board to Discuss Drainage and Swine Confinements

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will convene on Monday at the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner to review remodeling plans for the basement bathrooms and sign a contract allowing for child support collections.

The board will then turn their attention to numerous drainage issues. Among these are tile repairs done in Drainage District 57 by Holland Contracting. The board will then hear from Tyler Conley of Bolton and Menk Engineering on several projects nearing completion. Among these are in Drainage District 3 and 4 where repair work was done to Lateral 9. Drainage District 57 was repaired and cleaned and Conley will report on its completion. Conley will also report on a joint drainage system with Cerro Gordo County 13-128 where repairs and a cleanout were done. Each of these projects will have a completion hearing scheduled to allow for public comment and concerns to be aired before final payments are authorized.

Jim Otis with a swine confinement in Orthel Township is petitioning the board to increase the number of swine he is allowed in his swine confinement facility. The board must modify the master matrix and conduct a public hearing on the petition, to allow for public comment. The board will schedule the hearing for a later date.

The meeting can be viewed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone by going to


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