Hancock County Looking To Purchase New Generator

Larger Generator Will Power Courthouse & LEC

Hancock County Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse

Hancock County is investigating options on purchasing a new generator to power up both the courthouse and law enforcement center in case of an outage. The current generator is not only outdated, Supervisor Jerry Tlach says, but it also only powers the law enforcement building.


Cummins Generator
Kohler Generator

On Monday, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors compared 5 different size generators 60 to 200 kilowatts from Kohler and Cummins. According to Tlach, the quotes were pretty comparative in price for the two largest models, which is what they would need to power both the law enforcement center and the courthouse.


The Kohler model is priced at $58,822 for everything including freight and startup, while the Cummins model is $57,600. Final determination will be made upon advice from the electrician.


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